New Job Awarded

Technostream is awarded a new job - The Sustainable City Project in Dubai Land.

The Sustainable City in Dubai provides owners with unique and highly attractive benefits. It demonstrates that luxury housing is possible while following sustainability standards. The city will generate much of its own electricity through city-wide and rooftop solar panels.  The inspiring architectural designs take into consideration the natural aspects of sunlight, wind and orientation in order to create cleaner air and lower temperatures for a cooler city microclimate.

Technostream will Supply, Install, Test, Commission and Maintain the following systems:

     1.  OSP Passive Network

     2.  Active Network with Industrial Switches

     3.  CCTV System

     4.  Wi-fi City Wide Coverage

     5.  Gate Barriers

     6.  UHF Car Access Control

     7.  Security Intercom

     8.  SCS Inside the Villas

     9.  Video Intercom and Access Control in the Villas

Technostream will Maintain the above systems for 2 years following the handing over.

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