Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System


TECHNOSTREAM has successfully been approved as an ANPR supplier by Dubai Police – Department of Protective Systems (DPS),  the System Performance achieved an accuracy of 98% and it is able to read colored Arabic, English Number plates. It identifies the country of origin, emirate, car classification and many other features.

Reporting tools are an add on feature gifted to those customers who will be able to have a full featured user friendly software.

The system was built according to the requirements of DPS to cover the concerned facilities like Shopping malls, Hotel facilities, petrol Stations, residential compounds, tourist and entertainment areas. And the public parking lots.

Technostream ANPR Demo -Hotel Security (Live View) ttps://

Click the below PDF icons to read "Publication Announced by DPS" and "System Features". 


Publication Announced by DPS             System Features

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